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The origins, the battle against two microbes.

Dr.Donald Uhlmann, formerly Cabot Professor of Materials at MIT, lost his wife to a lung infection caused by two microbes, M. avium and P. aeruginosa.
He resolved to take action, that action has borne fruit today.

He then redirected his research to seeking ways to eradicate these microbes, in partnership with a close friend and colleague, Dr. Michel Cukierman.

The key to Agienic's success is the ability to functionalize (surface modify) small particles of select copper salts, coupled with an environmentally-friendly production process capable of rapid scale-up. The functionalization permits effective dispersion of the particles in liquids and tailoring of the particles for incorporation in a wide range of matrices --- fabrics, coatings on metallic surfaces, etc.

The efficacy of Agienic's novel materials in killing a wide range of microbes has been tested by an independent laboratory. The microbes against which outstanding killing has been demonstrated include bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, mold and viruses.