An innovative new technology by Agienic holds enormous potential to ease the Coronavirus crisis by greatly decreasing the transmission of the disease.
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Agienic is second to none when it comes to killing microbes. Tests performed by an independent microbiology laboratory have proven that Agienic's materials provide unmatched antimicrobial effectiveness and protection.
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where can agienic's technology be applied?


Applications of Agienic's novel materials include coatings such as powder coatings and coatings applied from liquid media, disinfectants, wipes, wound care and personal care products
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unique solutions


Agienic's technology is protected by fifteen issued US and international patents and several pending applications.
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Agienic's team includes highly experienced and creative researchers coupled with dynamic business people
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our story


Dr. Donald Uhlmann, formerly Cabot Professor of Materials at MIT, lost his wife to a lung infection  and formed a team to eradicate the microbes responsible for her death
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