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where can agienic's technology be applied?

Applications of Agienic's novel materials include coatings such as powder coatings and coatings applied from liquid media, disinfectants, wipes, wound care and personal care products

Using the proprietary technology of Agienic, it is possible to produce what heretofore has been considered a dream – viz., self-disinfecting surfaces


An innovative new technology by Agienic holds enormous potential to ease the Coronavirus crisis by greatly decreasing the transmission of the disease.

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Medical Facilities and Devices

Avoid infections associated with touch surfaces, implants, sutures, catheters and dental adhesives

Agienic's antimicrobial materials can greatly reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections, particularly infections associated with touch surfaces in the hospital environment. Specific applications include coatings on implants as well as sutures and catheters with unprecedented antimicrobial efficacy

Wound care

Decrease wound-associated infections by killing microbes in wounds using bandages containing Agienic's novel materials

Incorporation of Agienic's materials in bandages has been shown to kill microbes in wounds, including bacteria in pre-existing biofilms

Air purification

Filters and coatings on HVAC components in buildings and cars

Personal Care Products

Microbial control in roll-on deodarants, shampoos, liquid soaps, cosmetics and nail polish

Consumer Products

TSA trays, keyboards, cellphones, remote controls, switches, sealants, caulking and gaskets

Agienic's novel technology makes it possible to produce each of these products with long-lasting protection against viruses, bacteria,mold and fungi


Microbial and odor control in underwear, athletic wear, socks, uniforms and carpets

Using Agienic's patented technology, textile products can be produced with freedom from microbial contamination and hence freedom from odor

Thermal Stabilizers for nylon

Agienic’s technology provides great improvement in the dispersibility of particles used for thermally stabilizing nylons


Liquid disinfectants with unparalleled ability to kill microbes on contact and keep killing them for long periods of time

Agienic's new technology provides liquid disinfectants which don't just kill microbes on contact (like current disinfectants) but also provide effective antimicrobial protection for weeks to months

Oil and gas

Proppant particles with antimicrobial coatings and anti-corrosion additives for oilfield production

Agienic has developed novel coatings for proppant particles containing antimicrobial additives which kill the microbes which inhibit extraction of oils in wells. Use of Agienic's materials decrease the amount of biocides which must be pumped down the wells to control microbial popultions

Agienic has also developed additives for oil well fluids which greatly reduce corrosion of metals under the acidic condictions used in fracking

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