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best-in-class antimicrobial materials

Agienic Inc. is a Tucson, AZ-based company formed to bring to market best-in-class antimicrobial materials.

Agienic’s antimicrobial materials are based on technologies developed by a team of researchers headed by a former MIT Professor.

Agienic’s patented technologies provide unmatched antimicrobial efficacy and protection, at a fraction of the cost.

Agienic’s antimicrobial materials can be integrated into a variety of industrial, medical, household and personal care products, ranging from coatings and paints to creams, ointments and shampoos.


Agienic is second to none when it comes to kiling microbes. Tests performed by an independent microbiology laboratory have proven that Agienic's materials provide unmatched antimicrobial effectiveness and protection.
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where can agienic's technology be applied?


Applications of Agienic's novel materials include coatings such as powder coatings and coatings applied from liquid media, disinfectants, wipes, wound care and personal care products.
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Innovation Based on Experience and Creativity


Agienic's team includes highly experienced and creative researchers coupled with dynamic business people
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