Agienic's Technology eradicates coronavirus in less than two minutes

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Please note that LOG3 means that 99,9% of virus is killed.

An innovative new technology by Agienic holds enormous potential to ease the Coronavirus crisis by greatly slowing the transmission of the disease

In independent laboratory testing, Agienic’s materials have proven highly effective against the Coronavirus, with a suspension containing 60 parts per million of Agienic's product completely eliminating all the virus in two minutes.

Agienic’s technology is far more effective than simple copper because Agienic’s materials already contain the metal in ionic form — the form that actually kills viruses and bacteria. It takes four hours for COVID-19 to be inactivated on copper metal (as numerous studies have shown), versus only minutes with Agienic’s materials. Agienic’s materials are extremely effective not only against Coronavirus but also against a wide range of viruses and microbes, including Staph, Salmonella, E. coli, Strep, fungi and polio virus

As liquid solutions, coatings of various types or in other forms, Agienic products can be applied to: 


Surfaces in health-care facilities and other critical locations


Medical protective gear


In public areas


At home